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Looking for the best summer camps in Capital Region, NY and the surrounding areas? Look no further. TSL Adventures can help you create lifelong memories, with our unique summer camp program. Children ages 4 to 12 are welcome to register.

What sets our one of a kind program apart from other summer camps? We reduce the inconvenience and stress associated with unplanned variables, by introducing a highly structured, meticulously planned and organized daily routine for children. With a series of fun weekly themes, our summer camp involves children in a series of interactive, educational daily activities, with a 50/50 balance between indoor and outdoor play.

Our team of highly experienced collaborators understands children- how to cater to individual needs and the best ways of teaching and engaging with them. Our group was founded in 2008 by a series of passionate elementary school teachers. You can depend on our team to create the safest, most nurturing and entertaining environment with our summer camp. Our goal is to enhance social learning with community building exercises, educational and interactive games and crafts, while also teaching other important life skills. Contact us today to learn more or register your child.

Please visit our main website for more information.

Summer Camps - Capital Region, NY

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